Friendships that last take time to build. It requires being intentional to meet despite  differences, distance, and busy schedules.

Friendship That Lasts - The Seekers Portal.png

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3 thoughts on “Friendships That Last

  1. I agree. sa totoo lang kailangan mo ring mag-reach out at makipag-bonding kapag may time. kasi doon ka mas naa-appreciate sa time na ibinibigay mo. at kapag lagi kang walang time kahit may chance ka namang ibigay… nanlalamig din kahit papano.

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    1. Wow, Jayson, ah! Editor lang ang peg mo? Hehe!
      Thanks, bro! I must be thinking of “inspite of” there initially.
      You might want to edit your gravatar’s link because it leads to a Worpress blog that no longer exists. 😉


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