Here’s to a well-lived life…against all odds.

When you go through difficult seasons, you tend to become overly sensitive, your sense of reason gets clouded by your emotions.

When you feel like you’ve failed in your hot pursuit of your beloved…or your goals…your self-pity grows and blurs your perspective of things.


And when you’re already so entrenched with doubts and sorrows, you feel most alone as you begin to drift in life. You just go through the motions of your daily routines, aimlessly treading a path that leads to nowhere.

At this point, the loneliness and suffering is already getting the best of you, bringing out the beast in you.

The demons in your head gain more control over you as you decide not to ask for help from others. These evil voices would taunt you: “No one cares. No one understands.”

You seek for significance but it’s just so elusive. You crave for belonging and find no one near you. You long for love and there is none. Because you were looking for them in all the wrong things and places and people.

You’re bound to lose all hope as you’re about to give up on everything and everyone that matters.

You’re on your way to wasting your potentials as you contemplate to no longer want to give it another try.

Stay Hopeful - The Seekers' Portal

And then you reach a pivotal turning point when you begin to question yourself: “Should I move on or should I give up?” There’s no in-between here in this fork in the road.

When you commit to take the higher road from this point onward, this could propel you to yet another season of growth, after that season of depression, helplessness, and dying to self.

So don’t stop listening to those precious whispers of truth inside of you that still wants to be heard and acted upon:
You matter.
You’re special.
You are loved.
You are destined for greatness.

Nothing is constant in this life but change…and ambiguity. How do you deal with both when your hopes and ideals keep crashing against the ravaging harsh realities?

Stay hopeful. Stay expectant.

Stay faithful to whatever little things you have before you here and now because great surprises are still coming your way. See them in your mind’s eye and cherish them in your heart.

Then your steadfast hope will soon keep you afloat, make you strong, until you live and thrive again on the verge of a life that’s full.

Dear friend, the best is yet to come for you. Do not give up too soon.

6 thoughts on “Loving and Living With Ambiguity

  1. sa ibang angle ng topic na ito, dapat ding matutuhan na huwag magkaroon ng victim mentality at salagin ang may ganitong pag-iisip. before nahihiya ako to say no kapag may nagkwento sa akin ng PAULIT-ULIT ng kanilang mga hinaing sa buhay. pero yun pala yung di mo pagiging not direct sa kanila ay “enabling.” Dapat ano man mangyari maging responsable tayo sa ating ginagawa. tantanan ang blame game. reflect, find solution. move on.

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