Just a few more days left before the national election. Substantial amount of money has been already spent in campaigning government officials. Political and moral exposes were already dragged to public attention. Mud-slinging here and there. And social media is now inundated with a plethora of patriotism and riot over which presidential candidate is worth your vote.


Most Filipinos have never shown their sense of nationalism more than in this season. This election craze has divided the majority of our population into many separate camps rooting for our individual political candidate, while some do their best to remain apolitical.

Here are a few takeaways that can be had from this noise barrage of intrigues and issues leading to yet another controversial but hopefully nation-building election.

1.     Respect

The Philippines is home to 7,101 islands with so many dialects spoken and traditions observed. There will always be room for disunity due to differing opinions over several concerns that plague our nation.

People express their strong sentiments on their own social media accounts. And you can do your thing on yours, too. But just a reminder, when using social media, it’s always best to “think before you post.”


For the ordinary and general public including myself, let’s try not to get to a point that we will already personally and verbally (or in writing) attack a person because of what he/she posts on Facebook or Twitter in relation to their political bet. We could all use some ounce of benefit of the doubt.

A person’s vote is neither the totality of one’s convictions nor dignity. Let’s not stereotype others mainly because of who they’re rooting for or would vote for.

2.     Agree to Disagree

Even while within one’s family, there could be differing values and convictions, same goes with our friends and acquaintances. It’s not worth cutting off relational ties with a family member or a good friend just because they’re inclined to vote for another political candidate.

Different people will always have different ways of doing and saying things. Let’s make it a point to stand firm on our convictions even as we allow others to do the same.

Let’s not lose our temper and dignity over politicians who may not even know our existence, let alone our quarrels over them.

3.     Show your patriotism not only during the elections.

It’s already a given that the next elected president would make a huge impact to our nation, along with other chosen government officials. But showing patriotism is more than just voting.

Patriotism is a lifestyle.

We all loathe politicians who are corrupt. But are we living a life of integrity? Are we honest in all our dealings?

We love politicians who show care to the poor and needy. Are we doing our share of charity and good deeds to our own neighbors?

Our country is what we made it to be. And who we are and what we do are a reflection of our country.

If we truly love our nation, let’s prayerfully and wisely cast our vote. But let’s do more than just participate in this coming elections. Let’s do our share to be an authentic patriot inside out, every single day.


Let’s be truly global Filipinos daily: in thoughts, in speech, and in deeds.

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