There’s a kind of hatred that runs underneath the surface of our daily routines
My hatred of you while we’re trying to stay together and make everything work for both of us
A kind of hatred that is, for now, tolerable in some ways it could still be controlled or just plainly ignored because it doesn’t lead to any immediate resolution or conclusion just yet.

There’s this unspoken anger that beckons to be uttered and discussed in due time,
But chose to still remain in the shadows until the right time comes for its revelation
Because it’s too complex for words, too vague for words to even encapsulate them in comprehensible figures of speech

There’s this need for expression, but there’s this fear that wins over it in so many ways beyond logic and emotion
This fear that engulfs the orderly reality of now against the raging turmoil of potential chaos, should this or that be said and done

So this hatred and anger just cloak themselves in hiding, letting loneliness and pain take their toll because it’s more proper and understandable that way
Until such time that everything goes beyond the realms of control and tolerance will they unleash themselves no matter what the cost, against all odds, and at any given time or day

Hatred and anger are a volcano just waiting to erupt

An Unspoken Anger - Adrian Pantonial

One thought on “An Unspoken Anger

  1. Unresolved emotional issues will continue to haunt you for life. You can’t escape it. It will keep chasing you until your last breath. It gets in the way without you knowing it. It’s dangerous!


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