Throughout my 16 years of events hosting (and counting), I have learned a lot of invaluable lessons along the way. And I want to share them with you all, especially for followers of this blog who are in the same business, or who are contemplating to do events hosting as a sideline job, as I do.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have managed to do both: having full time work all these years while events hosting on the side, and even occasionally taking on some freelance writing jobs as well.

So to encourage my fellow events host and those who would like to venture in the entertainment industry through events hosting, here are a few insights and inspiration to spur you on in your pursuit of the good life.

But before you jump over the list below, be reminded that you’re first priority as a hired events host is to provide the best possible kind of service to your clients for their entertainment and celebration needs.

Remember, with great opportunity comes great responsibility as well.

With that in mind, you’re now ready to enjoy the perks of your job as an events host, and here they are:

  1. You get to go to different and awesome event places.

Whether the wedding (or another event) you’re hosting is in a beautiful garden, a grand hotel ballroom, or beach resort, hosting events could take you places.

   2. You get to meet beautiful and interesting people.

As you get to go to places you’ve never been to before, you also get to meet a lot of beautiful and interesting people all of whom you’d never get a chance of rubbing shoulders with in your daily life.

    3. You get to enjoy variety of delicious (or exotic) food and/or great freebies.

Since you’re an events host, depending on the wedding or event coordinator, you are entitled to some awesome freebies and enjoy hearty and sumptuous meals.

7 Perks of An Events Host2

      4. You’re able to grow your professional network.

While knowing your rightful boundaries, don’t be afraid to interact to your clients’ guests as you introduce yourself as the host for the event. Doing small talk is an art that could open up other great opportunities.

     5. You become more flexible as your relational and hosting skills get stretched.

As you welcome different event projects for different people and places, you also get to deal with hard-to-please and difficult clients or audience that will stretch you beyond your comfort zone. Grow with it.

      6. You collect more ideas for future special events, yours or for your clients.

As you serve in various places and grow through challenging hosting opportunities, take photos or take note of ideas that could help you and your future clients improve their own event.

      7. You’re able to serve people while having so much fun yourself.

The best kind of work are those where you’re not only working for the money, but where you could find meaning in the work that you do for others, while at the same time, having the time of your life.

So go ahead, have fun and keep on improving your skills as an events host. But don’t forget that at the end of the day, your clients’ and audience’ happiness and fulfillment is your ultimate goal.

Remember, your customers are the bloodline of your business. And if you want repeat businesses as I do, let’s keep the main thing as the main thing: quality service is key to growing customer relationships.

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