We humans are social beings. We don’t live for ourselves alone. “No man is an island,” an old adage says.

We are made for interaction and interdependence as we go about our daily routines. And the rise of various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others have proven just that.

In our pursuit of the good life, we find some wonderful people outside our homes along the way. They are our friends. People we hang out with and have fun with. They could also be people we go to school with and work with.

But have you ever wondered what makes “lifelong friendships”? Here are just a few lessons I’ve learned in my more than three decades of existence so far (and counting!).

1. Same circles or shared space

Our friendships are often formed at school, workplaces, churches, or other associations. We meet interesting people because we move about in the same shared space. Being in the same place and time make way for shared challenges and happiness, from small talks to deeper, meaningful conversations.

2. Similar or related goals

Our life goals lead us to the above-mentioned places, which lead us to meeting people we socialize with. We often build friendships with people who share the same objectives as we have. Whether our goals are related to education, sports, or career growth, we build friendships with people of the same pursuits.

3. Shared values and principles

The people who become part of our inner circle, those closest to us, have become so attached to us because their beliefs and convictions intertwine with ours. Often, these close friends could effectively correct and guide us towards the achievement of our dreams.


4. Tested by conflicts, time and space

All types of relationships go through times of testing its lifespan by way of arguments. And as social beings, there would be times when we or our friends have move away somewhere else. The best kinds of friendships take extra effort to meet and reunite against all odds.

5. Mutual benefit

Real friends are on call through good times and bad times. Real friends help each other. In fact, you’ll often know who your true friends are in the lowest, darkest moments of your life. You will never forget those people who were with you and showed you care and support when you needed it.

It’s worth investing your time, effort, and sometimes, even sharing your resources to authentic and lifelong friends. After all, as one old song says, “That’s what friends are for.”

If this piece makes you think of your good friends, why don’t you share it with them to make them feel that they will be remembered and cherished…for life.


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