A person’s name is the sweetest word one could ever hear. When you call a person by his or her name…

  • You catch their attention.
  • You validate their uniqueness.
  • They feel valued.
  • They feel needed.

These and many others are just some reasons why remembering a person’s name matters a lot not only in school when you’re name is called during attendance checking.

Calling people by their names makes you intentional in building relationships in school, at work, and in other organizations.

Let me share with you a few fun ways I use to remember people’s names easily:

  1. Repeat their name in a conversation on your initial interaction.

This works well for example at a party or a meeting while doing small talks or discussing other topics. When you repeat their names at least twice or three times in the first five to 10 minutes into your conversation, your brain registers the person’s name in your system, making you more inclined to remember it.

  1. Associate how they look like to someone you already know.

It’s really easy to remember the name of a new acquaintance especially if he or she looks like someone close to you or someone personally associated to you before in one way or another. This would often make you reminisce the good or bad times you’ve had with the look-alike person making the new person’s name easily remembered.

  1. Look for tattoos, birth marks, or other obvious physical distinguishing marks.

Don’t forget to say that person’s name aloud so that your brain will record it as you remember his or her unique physical features. Everyone you encounter would always have something physically different that stands out from the rest.

remembering names2.jpg

  1. Listen to how unique their tone of voice is or their manner of speaking.

Does the person have a booming or a really soft voice? Does he or she often speak slowly, fast, or with a stutter? Do they have a favorite word or expression that they always use? How’s their hand gestures while speaking?

  1. Observe their sense of fashion or the lack of it.

What is this person’s favorite clothing style? Is it casual, formal, hippie, gothic, etc.? Does he or she have a favorite color, shoes, or accessories? Do they wear eyeglasses? What’s the color or style of their hair?

  1. Find out their hobbies or favorite topics of conversation.

Everybody loves to talk about themselves whether they’re aware of it or not. When you ask casual but not too personal questions in your initial interaction, you encourage the other person to talk more about what they’re really passionate about. This would make you recall certain details about them making you remember their names faster.

  1. Learn the details of their occupation.

Whether a student, an employee, a businessman, or a bum, everybody’s got something to be busy with.

As the other person talks more about his or her occupation, you’re able to compare yourself or other people you know with this person you’re talking to, and how similar or different you or your existing contacts are with this acquaintance. This process lays out a really good foundation for you to recall their names pretty quickly.

So there you have it, seven really simple ways for you to have fun while meeting new people, making new friends, and building meaningful connections.

Now, it’s time for you to apply these techniques. Get out there and smile as you introduce yourself to others and enjoy the diversity of life!

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