We judge ourselves by our intentions, while we judge others by their actions.

HR Interviewers have a really interesting but challenging job to do: to act as gatekeepers of their company in screening and interviewing worth-hiring job applicants.

For an initial interview, they’re given about 15 to 30 minutes to interview a job applicant. To be qualified, the applicant must first show up on time (or earlier), dress up for success, and answer the interviewers questions appropriately, politely, and impressively as much as possible. The applicant must make, at the very least, a good impression to the interviewer for him or her to get the job.


If we will deal with our personal relationships the way an interviewer does to a job applicant, we will be failing at our potential relationships way before we even start them.

We easily take offense against people we don’t know well. We tend to forget to give them the benefit of the doubt which could ease the tension in unfounded first impressions.

Myth: “First impressions last.”

It’s not always true. It will only last if you make it so, or if you don’t have enough time to redeem yourself when you made the wrong impression to other people.

Fact: “Words and looks could be very deceiving.”

First impressions are not a good basis for lasting relationships.

While some first impressions may actually be true, we don’t and won’t fully know a person’s story if we only seen or heard bits and pieces of it.

We don’t know what experiences or challenges a person has to deal with in order to get to where or become who he or she is right now. We don’t know what kinds of battles the person is actually going through at the moment.

Let us remember that relationships do take time to build; and as much time is required to get to know people fully for who they really are.

Application: Stop stereotyping people. If you intend to build lasting relationships, take time to really get to know people. Be intentional while being cautious at the same time, because in reality, what you see is not always what you get.

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