Thank you for putting up with me, even if my social media posts seem to be boring and unworthy of attention, lacking life and depth. Thank you for liking and/or commenting on them anyway.

Thank you for checking out on me, finding out how my life is going as you read between the lines of what I do not say or do or write…both online and offline. This way, you’re breaking through my invisible walls.


Thank you for sticking with me even if I don’t sound interesting, even if I don’t have stories that would make you laugh, even if I sound like whining most, if not, all the time.

 Thank you for making time for me, to just listen to my stories of pain after pain, loss after loss, and grief after grief. In this difficult season, I seem to be just waiting to exhale each passing day.

Thank you for your contagious presence and your sunny disposition. Your being carefree of the worries of this world remind me to be just like a child, believing that everything will turn out fine in the end.

Thank you for praying for me, when my faith seems to be just hanging by a thin thread of hope, and even at times when I completely lost it. Even when I felt like I lost my self-worth or sanity, you were still there.

Through all these, you empower me to not be scared of it all.

To be just as I am in this moment in time. Wounded. Aching. But still hoping.

To be just as grateful living in the here and now. Hanging on. Thriving. Still fighting.

Having you there beside me now and again, while I’m just being me…

Despite being broken, hurting, and feeling alone amidst the crowd and the busyness of daily routines, in the cacophonous mindless chatter of the maddening crowd. And despite getting lost in my own quiet desperation while rolling up like a scared puppy in the corner.

I’m grateful for you. For just being there. For showing that you care. For seeing and loving me through my worst.

When I get better, hopefully sooner than later, it is you whom I will remember the most.

I thank you for being a friend and even like a family to me when I need it the most.

Simply because you were there for me through it all. So for now and for good…THANK YOU!

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