Here’s a wake-up call to others or just a mere reminder to some who are in the habit of comparing themselves with other people.

We’re all wired differently and bound to different destinations.

We all have our own set of failures and successes.

Your comparing yourself with others will just make you vain or bitter.

Listen to the podcast and let me know what you think about this topic in the comments section.

#LIFETalks #StopComparingYourselfWithOthers
#HostForAllSeasons #LifeOfAnOrphanWorkingStudent

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One thought on “LIFETalks: Episode 3: 5-Minute Rescue Mondays: Stop Comparing Yourself With Others

  1. Yeah, comparing oneself to others can be a self-destructive habit. You will always find someone who is higher or lower than yourself. Admire others without questioning your own. You may compare yourself to others to see where you are at, but that should not make you bitter. Instead, it should motivate you to be more competitive with yourself.

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