by Adrian Pantonial 

My passion for reading books began when my father died in 1997. That was the time when I was plagued with so many questions about life. Because I am the eldest among five siblings, I felt responsible for them and was forced to find the answers to these questions – so I turned to books to quench my thirst for wisdom. (Eventually, in 2013, my mom passed on as well.)

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I vividly remember the first ever book on sale I bought from a book store. It was titled “Life Preservers” by Harriet Learner Ph.D., which a few years down the road, I gave to my Aunt Liza while we’re having our Conversational English Tutorial lessons.

That book started my insatiable passion for reading self-help books. There was even a time when I tried to stay away from book stores because, even if I don’t have enough money, I was tempted not to leave those places without buying a book or two. And as my personal evolution swept through time and space, my preference for literary reading diversified as well.

Here are the top 10 reasons why I love reading:

1.) Personal and Professional Growth – Reading helps me grow as a person, expanding my views in life, affecting my every personal and professional decisions.

2.) Leadership Booster – I believe that great leaders are great readers. The more you read and apply what you read in your life, the better you lead.

3.) Boredom Buster – It sets me free from boredom. I am able to use my time wisely and productively.

4.) Communication Skills Enhancer – Reading widens my expertise as a wordsmith, which I use in writing in and outside the workplace, for my online blogging, and for writing encouraging notes to family and friends.

5.) Success Toolkit – One of my lifetime goals is to be able to write my own best-selling book someday. And right now, reading different kinds of materials about my target genre and market, help me better conceptualize my masterpiece-in-progress.

6.) Learning from the Best – Through reading, I get to mingle and pick the brains of people whom I may never meet in person like my favorite authors.

7.) Virtual Traveling – Reading allows me to travel to places I have never been to. It makes me vicariously experience situations that I may either only dream of (or loathe). But however which way, I’d still gain invaluable insights.

8.) Counseling Aid – Through this helpful habit, I’m empowered to give better advice to people, especially when I don’t have a personal experience about what they’re seeking counsel for.

9.) Brain Enhancer – Our mind is the central processing unit of our body and the factory where all our hopes and dreams are formed. It’s definitely something we should invest on. Unlike rubber, our brain, once stretched (figuratively speaking), may never return to its original capacity.

10.) Keeps Me Fully Awake and Alive – Being a bibliophile is the only positive addiction I know so far which keeps my faith, hope, and love alive for the best things in life.

If the late Winston Churchill said, “Never, never, never quit!” I say, “Never, never, never stop learning!”

Question: How about you? What keeps you reading? 😉

12 thoughts on “10 Practical Reasons Why I Love Reading

  1. Hi,

    nice list!

    kahit na maraming nagliliparang books na pdf file-format na puedeng basahin, prefer ko parin ung books.. i think mas ok sa akin ung traditional way… ok din ung books ni bob ong pero simula nang nilabas nya ung orange book di na ganun ka-ok sa akin ung books . ung kay ed lapiz, di pa ako nakapagbabasa ng book nya… nag-iisip akong i-try basahin ung kay eros atalia.. parang Bob Ong daw ang writing style nya..ung kay bo sanchez, maganda ung kanyang advices esp sa investment and stocks.. may kasama pang spiritual aspect.. anyway, mahaba na ang comment ko.. interesting kc ung article… ung #10 pala.. ung quote ni winston churchill narinig ko sya sa martian child… maganda rin naman ung movie un.. *off topic.

    To GOD be the glory till eternity!


  2. Hi!
    i agree with you sa power ng reading sa ating pagkatao, i mean hindi na lamang ito matter ng mental aspect. Mayroon din ako ng ilang books mo na nasa litratro. In fact, business-minded/ personal finance mode ako ngayon when it comes sa pagbili ng books. pero may ilan din naman may kinalaman sa work, hobby, sa gusto kong matutuhan especilally sa communication and computer.

    kapag balisa/ sad ako ang ultimate ko talagang binubuklat ay bible.

    pag natapos ko na siguro ang mga ‘yan love naman. hahaha Joke!

    tama rin na imbes na magmukmok ay tulungan natin ang ating sarili, kung sa pamamagitan ito ng books, maganda di ba!

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  3. Interesting post. I agree with your own quote of never stop learning. And I liked the way you stated that the brain is unlike rubber. knowledge is ultimately the only thing in life nobody can take away from you. Am an avid reader myself.


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  5. It really is a accurate list of why i love reading as well, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I have discovered that many answers to my questions rely in books. The more I read , the more i understand. I’m glad people realize it , cause there it’s a great feeling. Not only you get wiser, you learn and expand your perspective. Very useful words you said there.


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