When crisis strikes, don't let the views

What Matters Most in Crisis

When crisis strikes, don’t let the views of rumormongers and naysayers drown you. The opinion and belief of those closest to you matter most than the general public’s. Your family and friends could help you walk on water and rise from the ashes. If you want to check out more awesome quotes like this, visit…


Knowing God’s Will

Using wisdom, you may need to do some trial and error to know God’s will in your life. Your feelings may guide you, too. If despite the hardships you are experiencing and some potential risks involved, you still feel an overriding sense of joy and peace, take heart! It could very well be God’s will…

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Life Patterns

Certain things happen for a reason, especially in recurring situations. SIMILAR SCENARIOS MAY BE TEACHING YOU SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT. Check for patterns in the turn of events. And analyze what LESSONS could be had from there. If you want to check out more awesome quotes like this, visit my Viral Quotes Gallery.

Blessed are those who find wisdom, those (1)

Wisdom and Understanding

The truth and benefit of this verse can only be proved true for a person who strives to live it out. Wisdom is only proven if the person possessing it applies his knowledge to daily living. As we live in a broken world, temptation and evil abounds, so it’s actually challenging to live consistently with…