I Choose To Be Grateful

I choose to be grateful  

Even if life could get very difficult at times

Even if being grateful doesn’t make my situation any better

At least it gives me a better perspective of things  

That makes me feel and do just a little bit better

That even though I may not always have all the things I need

At least I could be grateful that I’m still alive, even with just my bare necessities

 That even though trials could sometimes tear me up at the seams,

I’m grateful that it has not taken the best of me yet

That even though my life could get messy as it may seem,

I’m grateful that my glorious days are still ahead of me

That even though there are times friends are hard to find,

I’m grateful that God is always on my side

Especially at times when I feel like I’m fighting my battles alone,

I’m never truly alone because He’s always there for me

And that is why I can and always will choose to be grateful…at all times.

I Choose To Be Grateful - Adrian Pantonial.png