For 15 years of hosting events, I have hosted different types of gatherings for people from different walks of life, and I have learned a lot of things along the way.

I have worked with beautiful people and people with interesting personalities.

Pen ChamrongI’m tempted to say I have seen it all, but that would be an exaggeration. I believe there’s still a lot of things to see, hear, and experience in this ever-evolving and exciting world of events.

As a public speaker and a writer too, here are three lessons I’d like to share with you hoping it will help you grow to become an effective Events Host:

1. Prepare well – These are only two words but loaded heavily with meaning. Preparation makes the challenge half accomplished. Although there would still be unpleasant surprises that would happen, your prep time would save you from even more troubles that could possibly happen without it.

This includes meeting with your clients at least once before your event. Know their preferences for the program. Know what they don’t like too (ex. green jokes etc.). Know the kind of manpower and resources that they have and don’t have.

Ensure that you have their correct cellphone number and email address. Being connected with them in Facebook may also help.

Once you have already prepared their event program, ask them for feedback and consent, and revise it up to twice to ensure you’ve covered everything they need for their program. Make sure that you email them your final program copy.

Before the program starts, study your printed program and familiarize yourself with the flow of sequences.

2. Learn from your mistakes – Even if you’re well-prepared, some things would still go wrong. Don’t beat yourself too much, especially if you’ve already done your best effort. Some things are just beyond your control.

Review the event flow and know what went wrong. Ask yourself what you or other people could’ve done better to avoid the same thing to happen in your future events.

After the event, ask for your clients’ feedback and accept constructive criticism.

3. Keep developing your communication and relational skills – These skills are the lifeblood of your being an events host so it would benefit you if you put yourself to lifelong learning in honing your talent capital.

Here are a few things I do to keep growing in my craft:

  • Listen to podcasts (or radio programs) of your favorite book authors or public speakers.
  • Watch TV variety or game shows and observe how the hosts communicate to their live audience and their TV viewers.
  • Read books on communication, public speaking, and personal growth.
  • Attend events, seminars, and workshops that would enable you to interact with people of the same passion, while always being on the lookout for tips and tricks you’d learn from other events hosts.

Got your own ideas? Share it with us on the comments section.

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