July 28, 2012 – We brought my 57-year old mother to Quirino Memorial Medical Center (QMMC) after a doctor from Antipolo District Hospital suggested we go to a bigger hospital for better medical help. She suffered from vomiting, abdominal enlargement and pain for six days. She had Distal Small Bowel Obstruction.

Nanay (Mom) had Breast Cancer surgery last quarter of 2009, her right breast was removed at St. Luke’s Medical Center with financial help from my then company (Shell) health card.

Some of Nanay's Visitors and Blood Donors. Four Victory Metro East friends from my "Family of Brothers"
Some of Nanay’s Visitors and Blood Donors. Four Victory Metro East friends from my “Family of Brothers”

Because I’m still under probationary in my current employer, we had to settle at QMMC’s Surgery (Charity) Ward. There were days that were emotionally unbearable for me that I had to go inside the ward’s comfort room just to shed tears because I don’t want my mother to see how heavy it was for me.

The sight of her being bedridden and ill, with growing tummy that looks like she’s pregnant, and all the hardships of not having enough money to pay the medical requirements were just too much for us to take. Me and my brother had to go on emergency (Sick) leave from work because only the two of us can take care of our her as our other siblings can’t be there.

Before her second surgery, now for her intestine, one doctor said she had Colon Cancer Stage 3 after seeing her CT Scan plates.

The same doctor said Nanay has 50-50% chance of surviving this operation. (A mass as large as a newborn baby’s head was taken out of her intestine.) We were horrified at first but because of our faith in God who heals, combined with the faith of the people who prayed, helped, donated blood and visited her, Nanay survived and is now recovering at home since August 10, 2012!

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13 thoughts on “13 Days: Hospital Reflections – 1 of 2

  1. I always finding myself falling short of what to say when I see people facing such battles for their loved ones…
    Just wanna say Hats off for your courage Adrian, cuz your courage is what drives your mom to get well really soon..
    And I’m sure seeing your courage she will recover fully soon 🙂

    God bless 🙂

    PS- loved your latest post on unconditionally loving – Its really beautiful 🙂


  2. Adrian, ur courage brought you higher and bigger perspective in life…..brother,we come to you to comfort but what really happen is you encourage us within…u are such a blessing adrian!!so much blessing..(“,)


    1. @ Michael – Thank you for reminding me of my strength when I’m at my weakest, bro. I appreciate your encouragement. 😉 We’re able to pull through in our trials only by God’s grace and love.


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