Since I became a Christian, I have participated in many charity events within and outside our church. It has become my advocacy since to be part of at least two charity events a year to thank God for all the blessings He has been giving me, and to somehow pay it forward.

A few of the charity works I have done over the years are published here to inspire others to do the same; but most are done in secret because I want to earn some heavenly rewards for my good deeds done for God’s glory (Matthew 6:2-4).

Click each entry’s title to know its details and see some photos. They may also give you ideas how to do your own charity projects.

  1. Charity Event for Aetas: Project Kulot – Year 3
  2. Highlights of My Crew Enrichment Work
  3. Pre-Christmas Gospel Mission Outreach for Aetas
  4. Charity Work at Child Haus
  5. Life Well-Shared
  6. Bringing Outreach Closer To Home
  7. A Special Christmas Party
  8. Pasko ng Mga Bata sa White Cross Orphanage
  9. Tawag ng Pangangailangan
  10. Gift-giving Outreach to Dumagat Kids

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