Presenting my initial special offering for “LIFETalks” – A Lifestyle Podcast

Listen up guys, and let me know what you think! 😉

I’m a frustrated broadcast journalist. And here I attempt to do my own brand of broadcasting at LIFETalks to provide “Ideas and Inspiration for Personal and Professional Growth” starting with my first podcast episode offering, “Choose Your Version of Happiness.”

Here I bare my soul, sharing with you where I came from and where I’m going in my career path, as well as some of my successes and sufferings.

3 Insights from Today’s Podcast:

1. Remember: we can’t have everything in life.
2. Define what success means to you.
3. Be the best version of yourself.

#LIFETalks #ChooseYourVersionOfHappiness

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Just a disclaimer, this is not professional level podcasting yet, though I do hope to be PRO at it someday soon.

So I welcome your comments, feedback, and suggestions in this initial offering.


2 thoughts on “LIFETalks Podcast: Episode 1: Choose Your Version of Happiness

  1. Ang cool ng boses at accent. Parang americano. Haha Maybe you can try to eliminate fillers like “uhm”, etc. But all in all, ganda ng message.

    “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Don’t know who originally quoted that but I heard it from a friend one time. And so I agree that you shouldn’t compare yourself with others. Way to go Adrian!

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