LIFETalks’ “5-minute Rescue Mondays” will be aired every Monday to inspire workers of all ages and lifestyle to see work in a better light.

Here’s a little something to put a spring on your steps as you go to work each Monday.

“10 New Perspectives To See Work Differently”

Let me share with you how to see your work differently to get a better perspective of your current life assignment because sooner or later, you may be moving on to the next one.

Your work…

1.) Primarily provides for your family needs and leisure

2.) Exposes you to a interesting cultures, lifestyles and work environment

3.) Takes you to new places, restaurants, parks, and resorts

4.) Gives you a chance to make new friends and hopefully only few enemies

5.) Encourages you to relate to people with different personalities and peculiarities

6.) Provides people connections you may need for your hobby, sideline job or future career

7.) Makes you learn new things, words, lessons, technology, and work processes

8.) Helps you form good habits: being on time, meeting targets and deadlines, excellence

9.) Develops a whole new person in you, improving your character, sharpening your mind and skills

10.) Teaches you to be creative in looking at and solving problems

So when you think work is hard, think again. Being a bum is much harder and will complicate your life further.

Be grateful for your job because it gives you a wide range of benefits and opportunities.

#LIFETalks #ChooseYourVersionOfHappiness

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