Can’t Finish A Book? Try These!

by Adrian Pantonial

With the rise and rampant use of social media like Facebook, Twitter etc., many are losing interest in reading books because it requires a lot of time and dedication, like getting tied into a short-term relationship.

As of this writing, I have now completed reading 108 books through the years.  But like many book lovers, I too have my own share of unfinished books. Not that I neglect them thoughtlessly, it’s just inevitable sometimes…

  • the excitement that I had when I started reading these books weren’t sustained by the authors
  • and sometimes, I got tempted to start a new book to read so I’ll get back to them later or
  • I think I already know the gist of the book’s message

While others have a knack of finishing a book in just one sitting, I don’t – except if it’s a booklet or a flyer. Considering that weakness, below are some ways I do to finish a book while the inner pressure to finish it ASAP rages. Always carrying a book in my bag, I read while waiting…

1.)   At long queues in fast food chains, bookstores, trains, utility bill offices

2.)   For another person to arrive at our appointment

3.)   For my food to be served at a restaurant

4.)   Before an event or a program to start

5.)   In the midst of heavy traffic on my travels to and from work

Of course, I look around first as needed to secure my safety, and I read my book when I’m alone so as not to be labelled an anti-social.

Question: How about you? What do you do to finish reading a book?

21 thoughts on “Can’t Finish A Book? Try These!

  1. 😦 i have 2 on the shelf. millenium II and trying to reread scott peck. you’re right twiiter and facebook eats all our time now.. too sad. what will happen to the next generation? i love reading bec I love how it takes me to places and lets me feel a certain kind of feeling (?) and most esp i love how a book smells 🙂


    1. @ Christine – Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. 🙂

      It’s so true right? Online social networking takes away a lot of our reading time.

      I agree, reading does take us to places where, sometimes we can’t ever be physically at and it arouses feelings like it’s really happening.

      And that fresh smell of a newly opened book… Yes, I love that too! ;P


  2. I tried most of them before (when waiting for another person, heavy traffic), but I find it hard to concentrate when I’m in a crowded place. Maybe I’ll give it a try again sometimes.

    Oh, and I also love the smell of books, old and new, hehe. 🙂


    1. @ Akda – Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.

      It’s truly a challenge reading in a crowded place but surprisingly, it does work for some people.

      You really like even the smell of old books? Hmn…That’s interesting! Haha! ;P


      1. Yeah… I can’t get enough of the dust, kidding. Meron kasing ibang amoy yung bago saka lumang libro, aside from the dust *cough* ay meron talagang kakaibang amoy ang lumang books. Ewan ko, baka ako lang yon. Hahaha!


  3. same tayo… that’s why like na like ko ang small books pero malaman pag byahe.

    nagbabasa ako pag nakapila at habang may hinihintay kahit sino at ano.
    hindi ako mahilig sa novel pero may mga novel naman okay lang sa akin na basahin.


  4. there are times that I juggle 3 books at a time, dumadating kasi ako sa punto na nabobore na ako sa isa kaya mapipilitan akong magbukas ng panibago pero pinipilit ko pa ring tapusin silang lahat. may mga libro kasi na sa unang beses nyo ng pag-uulayaw, hindi kayo magkakaintindihan..pero pag binasa mo ulit, ayon, nagkakaintindihan na kayo. Oh, I so love reading books! 🙂


    1. @ ECG – Wow! You have an amazing skill of alternately reading 3 books at a time. I won’t dare do that! Haha!

      Tama, minsan parang hindi ko rin ma-gets yung author lalo na pag first time ko nabasa yung book nya. 😉


  5. I love reading books and I totally agree that most of my free time are spent either in Facebook or Twitter. whee! >.<


  6. Got piles of books to read. Can’t find the enthusiasm to open them… Hope I can bring back that old vigor, the very reason On why I bought them…Thanks for this post..=)


  7. I found, reading several books at the same time (4-6) helps me to stay motivated. Whenever I get bored, I switch to the next one.

    Juggling between several books also got a fascinating side effect: You begin finding amazing associations among books that aren’t related at all. That gives your reading experience a significant boost.


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