Writing is a solitary task. It can be burdensome when your writing muse eludes you. So here’s some help to get you through your writer’s block…a collection of my blog posts on our dearly beloved craft.


Click each title to read the content. Who knows? You might pick-up an idea or two for your next masterpiece with these?

  1. 7 Common Pitfalls for Writers
  2. 9 Ways to Honor Your Blog Readers
  3. How Do I Blog Thee?
  4. 7 Creative Ways to Rewrite an Online Article
  5. Write Short Please?
  6. This is Why I Write
  7. Feedback: What Inspires Me to Keep Writing
  8. Writing Grief: From One Writer to Another
  9. Writing Freedom
  10. Tips for Better Writing
  11. 8 Ways to Encourage Yourself Daily
  12. Review and Revise Your Old Posts
  13. No Likes or Comments on Your Posts? Here’s Why…


  1. Company Profile for PromoWorks Inc.
  2. Marketing Material for Elements: Eco-efficient Homes
  3. Web Content: About Us for Wall Crown Philippines
  4. Franchise Offer Letter for “Licksticks”
  5. Web Content for Golden Season Grain Center Inc. (GSGCI)
  6. For “Shell World – Philippines Issue 9 2008” – Summer to Remember 2008
  7. For “My Wedding Philippines”Are You Really Ready for Marriage?
  8. For “My Wedding Philippines”The Ugly Truth of Marriage
  9. On “Definitely Filipino” – Seeing Differently: 10 Benefits of Work
  10. On “Definitely Filipino” – Truth or Consequences
  11. On “Definitely Filipino” – 10 Convictions to Live For
  12. On “Cord of Three Strands” – Bakit Single Ka Pa Rin? Part 1: Prelude to a Kiss
  13. On “Cord of Three Strands” – Bakit Single Ka Pa Rin? Part 2: Exploring the Myths & Benefits of Singlehood
  14. On “Cord of Three Strands” – Bakit Single Ka Pa Rin? Part 3: This Is It!
  15. On “Organized Lunacy” – Love in the Time of Millenials

If you want me to do freelance writing for you, please send me a message using the contact form from my About – Contact page.

In 2013, one of my inspirational quotes was featured on the Chapter 3 heading of the book “Limitless Life” by Derwin L. Gray.


The Seekers Portal Quoted

Let’s help each other. Feel free to add your writing tips at the Comments section.

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