Friendster was the first online social network I joined before Multiply and Facebook. I’m a member of it since December 2003. After hearing it will be obsolete by May 31, 2011 and will be reincarnated to a new entertainment-and-fun only interface, I panicked as I still have old photos there that are not yet in my Multiply and Facebook.

One of the features I first loved about Friendster was the testimonials. It’s another version of a eulogy given to someone who just died, except that Friendster testimonials are for those still alive.


Back then, friends will agree (even to the point of coercion) to exchange testimonials just so we can have someone say something good about us on our profiles for all our contacts to see. 🙂

These were some great testimonials I had from co-workers, friends and church mates, from the now defunct Friendster. Reminiscing time…

1.)   Feli Rodillas – January 24, 2004

Ito sa lahat ng friend ko na super caring and may “dumbo ears” to listen. Others before self palagi. He can sacrifice everything (except his Saturday – Sunday off). Loves to read books. Laging may library na dala sa station nya.

Organized, I can say, but he is truly a man of God. Never nyang iko-conclude ang kanyang advice without a quote or verse sa Bible. I thank God for him kasi he is used by God for me to realize how blessed I am, and how thankful I should be. Good luck sa’yo, and I know God has brilliant plans for you.

2.)   Chingz Alvanez – February 3, 2004

Hahaha! I get to be the second one to do the testimonial for you. So I guess I have to be serious about it then…OK. So this guy looks so snobby to me the first time I saw him at work but you know what? Looks can really be deceiving ‘coz he happens to be one of the nicest person I have met at work.

So helpful and so thoughtful. (Todo na ‘to) I also found out that he likes to laugh also, in other words, pag tumawa ang tao na ito kita ang gums. Hehehe! Anyway, I guess I’m just lucky to have met this guy, or he might have done something really, really, really bad before that he is being punished by having to know me. Mwahahaha…Ingatz, Pare 😉

3.)   Mel Sayo – February 4, 2004

“Ayd”, as I fondly call him, is one of the fewest person where I saw God right away. He materializes the spirit of the Guy above with every look, every word he utters, and with every act of kindness he does. He is one person I look forward chatting with every day.

He is so blessed to have found the Lord, which still most of us are struggling to do. The wisdom he imparts is so, so inspiring that I myself feel so profoundly uplifted. He is one way of God telling us that He isn’t so hard to reach only if we’d give Him the space to fill in…You keep on rockin’ God’s love, Ayd.

4.)   Abel Pascasio – March 2, 2004

Finally, I got here, bro! ^_^ Thanks for the verse… Well, Adrian is one of the persons who got my attention during my college years. He also used to be my closest pal ‘coz we had something in common (faith, I guess). Tama ba?

I do remember when you told me “Bro, di ko na alam kung ano gagawin ko.” You used to have a big problem with your family then we talked heart-to-heart. Grabe, ‘kala ko talaga di mo na makakayanan lahat. Thank God He helped you. And now…look at you! Natupad mo na halos ang mga pangarap mo…Congratulations and good luck, bro. God Bless!

Hey, before I forget. Pakilala mo naman ako sa girlfriend mo…and don’t even tell me na wala pa. Hmmm…Hehehe!

5.)   Dana Pablo – March 2, 2004

Adrian’s is like a new friend to me. But the very few times that I got to talk to him, I find it very interesting, and very amusing to think that a man could be so open about his love for God. I mean, not that its not a good thing, it is to me, such a wonderful trait, but very few men would be so honest about their faith.

I even felt very honored that he actually allowed me to read some pages on his journal, making me feel so welcome as his friend. I know it may take time before I could be as inspiring and as faithful and prayerful as he is, because his faith is like that of large boulder in the sea which could surpass all the mightiest storms that may come its way but still holds itself upright and steadfast.

I just wish that we have more people like him or better yet, I hope we could have more friends like him who can show us that though life may be tough and the road maybe a long way home, with God’s grace, it would all be worth the journey!

6.)   Carl Decloedt – December 20, 2005

Men are born as raw ore. We are gathered, blasted in a furnace, melted until we can no longer hold our own shape and heated to the point where our impurities are burned away. Then we are shaped anew into wonderful creations.

Leaders are not born, they are made. Adrian has been through the fire and has allowed God to shape his life. He is a great leader and a faithful servant.

Adrian, you call yourself Superman. I say you are more than super. You are a mighty man of God, and Superman doesn’t hold a candle to you.

Keep walking with God, bro.

7.)   Sherwin Tan – December 22, 2005

Hi there…It’s a great pleasure for me to be a friend of this thin yet strong guy. He has been through a lot in life but despite of all the trials, I saw him grow in faith towards God. Amazing how knees that touch the floor could change life’s course.

8.)   Riz Caballero – December 24, 2005

Adrian is one of those guys who seems snobbish but will truly surprise you with his modulated ‘hahaha!’ and sensitivity. A bit intimidating they say (though I was never intimidated, bro!) only because he is strong-willed and passionate about what he believes in. He takes on a challenge despite adversities and comes out of them victorious.

9.)   Dr. Andy Javier- January 1, 2006

Adrian’s life is a testament of God’s exemplary workmanship. As he is intricately honed towards His perfection, I am surely blessed to be part of my brother’s journey.

I highly esteem Adrian’s willingness to share the aroma and warmth of Christ’s love to others. You can appreciate this by knowing Adrian personally and by seeing how he shares his life unselfishly to those in need.

To Adrian,

Continue striving for nobleness, for you are born of God’s nobility. Be strong and persistently endeavor that high sense of propriety, truth and justice in living a life worthy of our calling in Christ. You are also packed unfathomably with Gods love, and you’ll never be in lack. Always remember that your ultimate reward is Christ.

To the one reading this,

If you want to know how God’s love and grace abounds lavishly, meet Adrian at Mc Donald’s [Philcoa, Quezon City].

10. Chris Sison – February 9, 2006

Adrian is one cool guy. In fact, he’s cooler than ice. How’s that? Well, he’s got a great sense of humor, he’s the real deal. He cherishes his friends and family. He’s purpose-driven, and of course – he loves the Lord more than Superman and life itself. Now that’s what makes him the epitome of awesome.

I am really thankful I got to know and hang with this dude while I was in the Philippines. He rocks! He rocks, ‘coz the Almighty is his rock!

And Happy Birthday! God bless you always! Peace in, Peace out!

11.) Professor Hernando Akalaki Jr. – May 24, 2006

Adrian: “The Leader”

There are myths of enchanted exploits. There are legends of unsung heroes. And there are people with wonderful stories which were sunken in anonymity.

For simplicity hides, simple truths refuse to seek the limelight. But you will be surprised, in the end, you, I and they, prevail…Adrian deserves one of the sweetest languages under high haven. Thank you very much! He deserves to be an admirable person (Just like Kuya Dondi!).

If you are searching for someone whom you can trust, see Kuya Adrian.

Kuya Adrian casts a character of handsomeness, hardwork, and guts. He’s a pal to everybody and has the superb leadership to manage people even if he is not a BS HRM or a BA PA student. A man I admire with his depth and substance. He is one of the persons who has touched my life.

Kuya Adrian today pursues his job with more vigor. He sets an example worthy of emulation. He is a symbol with substance. A wealth with hardwork. A man with a will. A man of God!

P.S. Kuya Adrian, stand corrected…Population Studies po ako not Population Education. Hehehe!



12.) Erwin Francis Endaya – July 17, 2006

Hey, Champ! Ang ganda ng friendster account mo ha. It really reminds me of the things we have shared.

This man is a true leader. He really knows how to balance his time with God, family, ministry, and other things.

What reminds me of you was when you were the head of our singles retreat last 2005. You have the talent of encouraging people and leading them to achieve a goal. Despite all obstacles that you were facing during that season, you were able to overcome it with class and grace. God is pleased with your faith, Champ!

Mababaw din pala ang luha nito. He appreciates all the good words a person gives him, that is his way of valuing a friend. Once you become one of his friends, it will be forever!

This man has a passion for those people who do not know Jesus personally. His lifestyle magnifies his dependence to God.

God has been using him to advance his kingdom. He is one of those forceful men who are taking hold of it!

13.) Kates Valdez – September 19, 2007

Dear Adrian,

It flatters me whenever you tell your church mates that I am your mentor – such a great compliment for somebody who always seeks your advice whenever things are getting wrong. I guess it is more proper for me to tell them that you’re one of my prayer warriors who is always ready to pray for me when I need it.

I was struck with relief when you said that the reason why you turn your back from the school is your mother’s condition. Just like you, I have a great love with my mother, and seeing her sick would make me give up everything on this earth including my career. She’s a treasure and I will do everything to make her happy and attain a very long life.

Well, Adrian, there are only a few children who will make the same decision that is why I admire you for that.

Everything might change but I do assure you I will be here for you no matter what. I will give you all the help that you need, and by God’s grace, I know that you will have the happiness you deserve.


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