Here I am again, Mighty One, with heart and soul laid bare before Your holy throne. Here I am weary fighting my inner battles, frequently drowning in an ocean of confusion as I lay in my bed of tears.

While outside I see a vast world of opportunity for redemption, I feel powerless to do everything I want to do to help because I’m only human, not a superhero, imperfect and just another work-in-progress.


Lord God, please set me free me from my own prison of doubts, insecurities and encumbrances. Help me rise up from the agony caused by my foolish choices and decisions.

Remind me, Oh God, to have an attitude of gratitude all through my life so I could always celebrate my everyday blessings, little successes along those unexpected twists and turns of my life leading me somewhere I have never traveled.

I may not always understand or like what You’re doing inside me, through and around me, Lord. Sometimes things can be so unbearable. I realize though that You don’t give me what You and I can’t handle together. Lord Jesus, let me overflow with joy in Your presence and fill me with Your power from on high.

Father God, grant me the grace to trust and obey You in whatever You want me to do and wherever You lead me to go knowing fully well that You’re orchestrating situations in my life according to Your well-laid plans.

Here I am once again resting in Your unfailing love, growing in Your grace, beginning once again.

In the mighty name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” -Psalm 73:26

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