“Lord God, I pray that You keep safe and warm our families and loved ones.

I ask that You send your angels, people, and timely practical help to those who may be affected by the typhoon. Please prevent it from causing more damage and tragedies in our nation. Please make the sun shine again, Heavenly Father.

At this difficult times, may You encourage those who are fearful and suffering right now with your comforting and healing love. And may You eventually turn their trials into triumphs.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen.”

Isaiah 41:10

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3 thoughts on “Prayer for Protection from the Typhoon

  1. aaahhh hmmm… Lord Jesus spare us and Our Country the Philippines from the another Low Pressure that will enter Philippines Area of Responsibility. Keep Us Safe Always. Protect Us from YOUR Loving Arms Against Strong Typhoon/s, Floods And All Other Calamities That Could Affect Our Lives And Limbs. And Our Country the Philippines. In Jesus Name I Pray. Amen. (12.24.2014 / 17:05pm) instagram.com/sPaRTaN0r1g & twitter.com/sPaRTaN0r1g


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